[Official] HP ProDesk 400 G4 SFF Owner's Thread

Thanks, Morphector. So I tried playing another movie remotely and got the following:


Here are my transcoder settings. Could someone review and let me know if they look ok?

From the first picture that you posted it looks like the video was being transcoded but it wasn’t using hardware transcoding. If it had been doing hardware transcoding there would have been a “(hw)” in the video section.

From the second picture it doesn’t look like you have hardware encoding enabled. You will need to enable the checkbox in front of the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.

I hope that helps.


You do not have hardware acceleration enabled, did you read the quicksync guide?

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thanks for the responses. I used the guide to build my ubuntu server. In regards to the guide, it simply stated “Enable hardware transcoding in the transcoder settings!”. I enabled ‘use hardware-accelerated video encoding’. Looks like I should’ve enabled ‘use hardware acceleration when available’ as you both noted.

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Can confirm today this seller accepted a offer of $90 when I bought 2.


This is an updated thread/link, here is the old thread for reference.

Still available, only 9 more left…

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Hey @JDM_WAAAT just a heads up that the PCIe config appears to be x16 + x4 both electrical and physical based on the box I just got. Might vary by form factor/exact model # though

They’re back available, FYI. Sent in my offer.

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Updated link for reference

Would something like this work well for a blue iris machine or should I try to get an i5/i7 machine?

It would work OK for a lower end system, but an i5 would be more ideal. Typically you can get an i5-4570 system for around $110-$150.

Yeah those were what I was looking at. Just like the smaller footprint of this. Thanks!

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The older SFF options are about the same size as this one.

Ahh for some reason I was thinking these were smaller. Well then older sff it is.

Got my Prodesk yesterday and got some initial setup done (NVME, install Ubuntu). Pulls all of 9 watts at idle, without any tweaks.

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New link I think:

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This looks decent @ $99

Edit: seller accepted $90.

Mine came in this weekend. Got one for transcoding (just have to find the time to go set it up) and wound up using the second to run Sims for my daughter. Windows setup found a Windows 10 Pro key assigned to the motherboard - not bad for that use.

Both machines rattled when I got them. There were some drive screws that got taped together rattling around in the bottom of the case. After taking the drive cage out the screws were easy to retrieve, and the rest of the physical work didn’t take long.

I guess when I get time to play with pfsense I’m likely to pick up another one and a NIC…

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