[Official] CPU Comparison & Compendium

The full spreadsheet is avialable here.

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Just noticed in the Xeon E3-1200 V2 Series, both the E3-1220 V2 and the E3-1270 V2 show SR0PH. The E3-1270 V2 is SR0P6. Also to note, the link redirects to SR0P6, so it’s just the label.

I’ll take a look at those, thanks for the heads up!

I assume it’s OK to share links to the compendium but please let me know if not. I just pasted a link to it in a forum and recommended people have a look. You’ve done excellent work on this.

You’re welcome to share it!

Has there been any updated recommendations based on this? Would love to get QuickSync versions documented as I am assuming this is still the recommended Plex transcoding method.

Where is the drop off between price/performance in terms of QuickSync generation?

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[Guide] Hardware Transcoding: The JDM way! QuickSync and NVENC

This is extremely informative and helpful, thank you. It is unfortunate that the google sheet is set to disallow copying from it, though, and makes for a bunch of transcribing. Do you think that setting could be changed?

for what purpose?

I’m just trying to copy/paste the exact names from there into ebay searches. it’s not a huge deal, just a bit of an aggravation having to retype them instead.

if you click the first column, there are already pre filled ebay links for you


thank you, I had missed that