[Official] CPU Comparison & Compendium

The full spreadsheet is avialable here.

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Just noticed in the Xeon E3-1200 V2 Series, both the E3-1220 V2 and the E3-1270 V2 show SR0PH. The E3-1270 V2 is SR0P6. Also to note, the link redirects to SR0P6, so it’s just the label.

I’ll take a look at those, thanks for the heads up!

I assume it’s OK to share links to the compendium but please let me know if not. I just pasted a link to it in a forum and recommended people have a look. You’ve done excellent work on this.

You’re welcome to share it!

Has there been any updated recommendations based on this? Would love to get QuickSync versions documented as I am assuming this is still the recommended Plex transcoding method.

Where is the drop off between price/performance in terms of QuickSync generation?

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[Guide] Hardware Transcoding: The JDM way! QuickSync and NVENC