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[Headphone Recommendations]

Recommendations for Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone without S/PIDF out:

PCI-E: (Requires S/PIDF Header on Motherboard)

USB-A: (Support for PC & PS4)

Bluetooth (Support for PC & Mobile Devices)

Suggested Step-Up: (Supports USB-C)

The K3 is ideal. It allows for digital control of the Optical and Coaxial volume, and it’s the cleanest. Unfortunately it’s also the most expensive.

If your motherboard has a SPDIF header, you can use one of these:

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’m speaking more from a laptop. I also added both Syba Sonics for thoughts.

Also, feel free to add something else that may be in the $50 range. I think they’re great additions to the !bigbrainstack guide.

Oh shit I didn’t realize they made the Syba Sonic in black.

I still use mine, I’d recommend it. It’s a useful little unit.

the BBS = Audio Love… I am really enjoying mine and really appreciate the effort you took to kick my ass into one :slight_smile:

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Have any pics of your setup?

Here is a picture of da Stack
With a Cameo by my newest headphones:

Philips Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone 50mm Drivers- Black
MASSDROP X SENNHEISER HD 6XX HEADPHONES with Free set of Earpads: Hybrid Velour


She may not be pretty but here it is

The Schiit SYS helped me get rid of buzz I was suffering on a different A/B switch.

So my setup looks like this:

2 PC sources both connected to Enog. One via coaxial and one via optical. I use the input button on the Enog to switch between the 2 PCs.

Enog ->

RCA out -> Schiit SYS switch:
A side: Loxjie A10 speaker amp-> Micca RB42 passive speakers
B side: Atom -> Fidelio X2HR/Sennheiser HD 598/Koss KPH30i/MP Modern Retro

XLR out -> P20 > balanced out to Sennheiser 6XX

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Damn. I didn’t think about the changes that I made to my recommendation post getting blown away doing the site fix. I’ll work on that sometime in the next day or two.

EDIT: The Recommendation Post has been updated.

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You need to get this for your SYS:

Now I have a use for the other knob from the 2 pack I bought for the Atom. Nice.

Either will work on the SYS. I bought that one first and it doesn’t fit the atom, hole is recessed too far.

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Ok we’re in business