Off-site local Storage

Good day fellow server enthusiasts.

I am looking to build a Rack mounted server with a lot of storage space that I want to rent out to my clients to backup their data to through the internet.

I was thinking of running the setup in RAID10 for the mirror that I get with it.

I did have a look into the NAS Killer 4.1, but my problem is my location. None of the people who sells those Chenbro NR12000 rack servers ships to South Africa.

So I need some guidance on the following:

  1. I was thinking of running FreeNAS as the OS, will this work?
  2. Is the Chenbro NR12000 the correct selection of Server?
  3. I was thinking of running 10 x 8TB HDD’s and 1 or 2 x 500gb SSD’s for caching in RAID10. Will this work?
  4. How much RAM will be required on a setup like this? Will 32GB be sufficient?

I would love the assistance and guidance if a setup like this will work. At the end of the day, it is almost like a local cloud for my clients. So they will require a login from their side as well that will be password protected for the information Confidentiality.

I look forward to hear more from you all! ::smiley: