Noob looking for LGA1150 NAS MoBo

So I have an old Windows gaming desktop that I was also using as a plex server (with 2x 2TB WD Green). I think the MoBo is dead as it won’t POST correctly. I confirmed its not the RAM or PSU. Since I don’t use this for gaming anymore lets convert it to an UnRaid NAS server. I just bought 2x12TB WD shuckable drives from BestBuy. I have an Haswell i7-4470K on LGA1150 & a ATX case.

Now I just need some motherboard recommendations. In the future I will probably change the case to a rack mount one once I get a small rack (1-2years).


  • In Canada
  • will be using this for streaming and Downloading content (1-2 users max)
    • will probably run both Plex & Jellyfin
  • will most likely be using UnRaid (or do parity manually in ubuntu/debian)
  • will probably be running everything in docker containers &/or VMs
  • would be nice if MoBo also supports TrueNAS but not super important.
  • I already have 32GB of DDR3 non-ecc RAM (4 sticks total)
  • IPMI would be nice
  • I already run Proxmox on a different box and am very familiar with VMs, LXC, docker, & K8s

I know supermicro boards are usually used for building servers. I’ve never used anything from them before and am not too familiar with options and what to look for.

Check this out!

This would be perfect for me lol. I was originally looking at 4.0 and 4.1 guides but jumping onto 5.0 guide before everyone else probably fits better with my current hardware :slight_smile:

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@JDM_WAAAT looking at the 5.0 guide I see Asus Z97-A board listed. So for LGA1150 both Z97 & Z87 are supported. Would getting a Asus Z87-A board be that much worse? I know lga1150 didn’t add M.2 support until Z97 but it was only ever x2 lane instead of x4 lanes that became the universal standard later (so means probably use pci card for m.2 anyways).

You can use either. M.2 NVMe on x2 is still really fast though.