NOOB - HP 290 as Plex server

I just bought this HP 290 to replace an old laptop as my Plex box (I’m in Aus so cant access the super cheap US ones :pensive: ) - HP Slimline Desktop 290-a0002a Quad j5005 16GB 120GSSD 1TB WIFI HDMI W10/OFFICE | eBay

It will be my Plex server and it will run my VPN, sonarr, radarr etc. There is usually only 1 person streaming Plex at a time, so I think this box will be fine especially as it has 16gb RAM and a SSD drive. Is there anything I should look at upgrading?

Secondly, I don’t have a spare screen so I’ll need to buy one. Any suggestions for a cheap option that will be compatible or do I need to look for something specific eg a particular type of connection?


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I’m in America, so YMMV, but I would reccomend going to a thrift store. I just got a VGA monitor for $5. I dont actually own anything anymore with a VGA connection. In my area the only thrift shops worth going to are in support of a specific cause. In my city we have one that supports a local hospice organization, and another sponsored by the local Vetrans Assistance office. Both have really nice things, super cheap, and the electronics are tested with a 30 day guarantee.


Thanks. I’ll do that.


thanks for the awesome information.