Noob Here! [Canada] and Request for advice please!

Ok, new to this whole building a server thing. HDD space is running out on the HTPC / Hypervisor torrent / Sonarr box… A nas killer seemed like a great idea. Until I found myself swimming in a sea of options!

So if I was looking for a nice expandable NAS, with Dockers for Plex, Torrents (with a vpn), sonarr and all the other nzb stuff (might as well start using it if I have a big Nas to upgrade some media!). Maybe a self hosted Bitwarden install and a cloud solution (with a dynamic IP in tow) Perhaps PF Sense as well. What should I be looking at, Noise and Power Draw are considerations…

I’d recommend looking at the build guides. Very solid options.

(edit: Ha, I realized I necro’d a 6mo-old thread; hopefully you finished your build by now! I’ll leave the advice here anyway.)

That’s all fairly light workload, an NK4 should handle it well. Case selection is the hardest part, now that the L4500 is gone.

For PFSense, get a $100 HP290, $10 16GB Optane, and $15 X340-T2. Don’t virtualize your router.