Non-transcoding Plex tasks with low-powered CPU

I’m working on an OTiS build and wanted to see if anyone had some experience/thoughts on the non-transcoding load on the CPU for Plex.

I’ll be running Plex (and only Plex) on Ubuntu, and I’m eyeing a Celeron G4900 as this will be in a very small case and it should handle QSV transcoding just fine. My concern is that other tasks will become very sluggish, specifically subtitle burning and library/metadata updates.

Does anyone have experience with a similar scenario? Would love to get some input to see if I should get a slightly more powerful CPU. My main concern is the subtitles as those would actually affect stream performance. Thanks!

Many of us here run Plex on G4900’s via our HP290’s. I have never found it to be sluggish for other tasks. Based on what you described it should be more than sufficient.

I think it depends on the subtitle support for the player. I have shield players and with .srt subtitles I notice no impact to the cpu usage on my celeron g3930. I believe there are some that cause me some usage (.ass maybe)

Mainly anime, not sure if it’s because they’re 10-bit encoded video or because of the .ass subtitles, but anime tends to be a little more intensive for me.

awesome, sounds like i should be good with the G4900. thanks for the replies, i appreciate it.