NK5 Build Thread

FTLT. My Synology DS918+ recently died and so I’m looking to build something to replace it.
I currently have 9 HDDs, 4 8TB, 5 10TB and approximately 30TB of content. I’m looking at building a 12 drive system to max out the Unraid Plus license. So I’ll add two cache SSDs or 15K SAS drives and maybe a new drive for parity. Still trying to decide on which cache drives to go with. I’m intending on later building a disk shelf and will add an external card then. Later on down the road I intend on adding 10GbE as well.

The only reason I haven’t bought everything yet is this lingering feeling that I don’t have enough PCIe. If anyone could quash my concerns on this, that would be great.

VMs will be Sonarr, Radarr, SAB. Plex is on an HP QS box.

Here’s the system build, thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • Xeon E3-1280 V3
  • SPMI X10 SLM±F
  • 8 GB (2x4) PC3-12800E RAM
  • LSI 9207-8i
  • L4000 case, though if someone has a 12 slot rack they like, I would prefer that.
  • Usual misc pieces, artic fans, fanout connectors, etc etc.

Not sure I can quash your concerns, but I ran this build for a year without issue and had no space concerns. From what you list above I would encourage you to use Docker instead of VMs for your services. They will be much more efficient.

Also I have an nk5 board for sale that I had bought as a spare and no longer need.