NK4 vs. Anniversary build

Hi all,

First post here. I’m hoping to upgrade my NAS/Server soon. I’m currently running an HP Proliant ml V10 with 6 HDDs (2x10 Tb and 4x4 Tb.) I’m running Unraid as my OS.

I’m trying to decide on a new build, as I’m running into compute and memory ceilings on my current hardware.

I know the Anniversary build is EOL, but there is a similar board available on MET servers: X9DRI-F Supermicro Dual Intel Xeon LGA2011 EATX DDR3 Server Motherboard

I could center a build around that board like so:
MOBO - Super Micro X9DRI-F - X9DRI-F Supermicro Dual Intel Xeon LGA2011 EATX DDR3 Server Motherboard $175

CPUs - (2) [E5-2640 v2] - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Xeon-E5-2640-v2-2-0GHz-2-5GHz-20MB-7-2GT-s-SR19Z-LGA2011/123946138149?epid=1823003177&hash=item1cdbc3fa25:g:2OIAAOSwIqJdq7wk $50

RAM - 16 Gb ECC REG - 16GB (2x8GB) Memory RAM Compatible Dell PowerEdge T310 ECC REGISTER QUAD B25 849005008211 | eBay

coolers: Thermaltake i2 Gravity - https://amzn.to/2SrTLG5 $20.00

Chassis - Rosewill 4U server chassis with 15 bays ($100) - Already bought on ebay for $107.00)

PSU - [Something on EVGA B-stock Wednesday] ~50-60

Or I could do the max of the NASKiller 4.0
|Case |Rosewill RSV-L4500 460 |$107.00
|Motherboard |Supermicro X9SCM 649 |$50.00|
|CPU |Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2 183 |$75.00|
|RAM | ECC UDIMM [PC3-10600E ]1333MHz 2x8GB = 16GB $4.88/GB $78.00
|CPU Cooler |Arctic Freezer 12 65 |$20.00|
|Power Supply |Cooler Master MWL 500 56 |$50.00|
|SAS HBA |LSI 9201-8i 330 |$30.00|
|SAS Cable |2-Pack SAS breakout 221 |$12.00|
|SATA Cable |6 Pack SATA cable 225 |$8.00|
|Fans |Arctic P12 120mm 5 Pack 116 |$28.00|
|Fans |Arctic F8 80mm 5 Pack 29 |$24.00|
|Total |----- |$482|

My biggest question is whether or not the dual CPU (X9DRI-F) board is worth the extra money. I’d love the extra compute capability, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Particularly, does it have the same built in HBA as the original Anniversary build had? I see it has some SCU ports, but I’m not sure what those would give me.

I currently use my server for emby streams, a pihole docker, openvpn, transmission, sonarr, and own-cloud. That alone would probably be suited by the NK4, but I would like to be able to spin up some VMs in the future.

I guess my main question is if it would be worth it to go for an anniversary build with a different Mobo( the Super Micro X9DRI-F), if that Mobo would support my 8 drives out of the box, or if I would be better off with the Naskiller 4.0 build. Will there be an Anniversary 2.0 build soon? If so I could wait a couple of months…

Thanks all for this awesome resource.

You could wait (or donate $2) to see Anniversary 2.0. Same socket as 1.0, but new options.

Have you considered going to two boxes? One for NAS + storage operations and one for compute?

Hey, thanks for the reply. I totally forgot you have a patreon. I’ll be signing up to take a look at the 2.0.

What would be the advantage of going for 2 boxes instead of 1 build?