NK4 Completed for a much needed expansion

Finally got the last of my drives moved in and spun up into my very first adventure into Unraid. I had been looking for a way to get some more docker apps hosted, while getting some more space for storing media. I had 4 drives in a Synology 918+ that was getting full, and the processor was definitely feeling the weight of the docker containers I was spinning up on it. Thankfully I had an old i5 laying around in a prebuilt that I got back in 2012 and has been just sitting in my closet since my wife doesn’t use it anymore either. The NK4 template helped me out to resurrect it. I moved 2 of the drives from the syno into the unraid box as that is my new main storage rig, while the syno is demoted to NVR duty and as a backup site for critical info before also duplicating onto GDrive. So here is my take on NK4 in all its resurrected glory.

Build (never) complete:

7 spinners and 2 SSDs so far with room for 5 more 3.5 drives once I get a cage for the 5.2 bays

Into its comfy new bed beneath my Plex transcoder and its predecessor

Had to add some filter grating to the fans since I ended up removing the media card reader and front USB that came with the case (didnt fit anymore with the drives in place). Maybe I’ll find time to mod up an actual plate for that gap, but for now its in an enclosed rack so dust isnt the biggest worry

In the end, thank you to everyone on the discord who helped out with questions as I was building, sourcing the great 8TB SAS deal, and getting unraid up and running. Gonna put this box through its paces before I inevitably upgrade it further lol


Wow, awesome build!