NK4 Build - Canadian Edition

This is my NK4(ish) build. It’s going to be running Unraid and will function as my off-site backup target for important docs and system files. Prices are all CAD, tax and delivery included. Anything in brackets shows my current market/budget price, but not yet purchased. Most items have been sourced off ebay, coming from China.

Type Part Price
Case Fractal Node 304 ($129.99)
Motherboard ASUS B85M-VIEW PAKER $ 67.17
RAM 2x8gb DDR3 $ 71.72
CPU Pentium G340 (4th gen) 2C, 3.2GHz $ 19.88
CPU Cooler Intel LGA115x $ 16.53
Power Supply Coolmax I-500, 500W $ 37.00
Accessory IO Shield $ 6.34
Accessory Internal 2-port USB2 Header $ 3.88
OS USB Kingston 32gb $ 10.00
HBA LSI 9207-8i $ 63.45
Cables 2x SFF 8087 Breakout ($24.00)
Cables SATA Power Splitter ($14.00)
Drives 5x 3TB SAS $ 0.00
- - -
Hardware Subtotal -------- $467.00
OS Unraid Plus ($120.00)
- - -
Total -------- $587.00


  • The 9207 is actually an upgrade for my main unraid machine. The Fujitsu card currently installed in the main rig will go in this build.
  • Drives were bought on a ServerBuilds group buy about 18months ago, ~25 ea

Most of the parts won’t arrive until later in January. I’ll update this post with pics and pricing as things come together.