NK2 GA-7TESM: IPMI problems on Windows 10 (logs full, can't log in, only accessible away from machine)

[Copied this from my post on reddit, forgot things were moving here]
Having lots of problems with IPMI on the gigabyte GA-7TESM running windows 10:

  1. the logs fill up with dumb sensor readings for fans or whatnot; I dont how to disable those on windows. I would just login to ipmi once a month to clear them but…
  2. I am getting login failed on both root/superuser and admin/password. dont think i ever changed the login. this might have something do with #3
  3. I cant access the ipmi login page from this computer at all. It just says “page can’t be reached”. I can access it on any other computer on the network. But if i try the same exact ip from within windows on the server itself, nothing.

The only other info I can think to provide is that I run a pi hole as primary dns server, i have forwarded port 623 in my router settings, and set a static ip to the ipmi in the bios.

Appreciate any help! I feel like I have been bugging the discord too much so I thought reddit might be better for this problem.