NK 5.0 Unraid (Plex Server) Build | Final Review

Was hoping to get final verification that the components I’ve chosen will work properly and place nicely together. Here’s what I’m looking to pick up:


Storage (All existing and currently running in an Unraid box)

  • 1x Seagate Barracuda SATA (3TB) [Parity]
  • 3x Seagate Barracuda SATA (3TB) [Storage]
  • 1x Seagate Barracuda SATA (500GB) [Storage]
  • 1x Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD (250GB) [Cache]

Total: $633


  1. Do you think this power supply will be able to support 13 mechanical drives and 2 SSD drives?
  2. Will the RAM play nicely with the mobo and processor?
  3. How about the CPU? From what I can tell it should work with the Mobo.
  4. Am I correct in thinking that this box should excel for some time as a file server and Plex server (I’ll be attaching a separate Plex transcoding box in the near future)?

Thanks again for the assistance.


Check out this RAM: USA seller, has OBO and free shipping. Don’t buy that Newegg junk!

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Awesome, will do!

How do you feel about my CPU choice? Acceptable? Too pricy? Curious your thoughts on that decision.

I haven’t had a chance to fill out the V3/V4 series on the CPU sheet, I suppose I’ll work on that now…

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No worries, don’t do it on my behalf. I’m not picking up the CPU until mid next week anyway so I’ll do some more research. Just bought the MoBo and case today.

Thanks again for the quick responses.

Working on it now! :slight_smile:

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E3-1200 V3 series have been updated!

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Awesome, thanks so much.

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Couple more quick questions:

  1. What is typical practice for powering/controlling all 8 fans in the Rosewill L4500 case? Straight from the power supply and just let them run? Splitter on 2 of the MoBo headers? Looks like my SuperMicro X10SL7-F has 4 fan headers and then one for the CPU fan.
  2. I currently have 6 SATA drives that will be going into this build. This MoBo has 2 SATA 3.0 and 4 SATA 2.0 connectors and 8 L-SAS on board connectors. Would you recommend plugging the drives straight into the SATA ports (until I get more drives), straight into the SAS ports, or use the SAS splitter cables suggested in the build guide?

Thanks again!

After doing a lot of research today, and reading other build guides here, it would seem that I simply need to pick up a couple PWM to molex adapters for the fans.

And, as for connecting the drives, 'twould seem I can simply plug SATA cables directly into the SAS connectors if I so choose. Considering I currently only have 6 drives (but will probably buy 2 more for this build), I’ll just use the 8 SAS connectors on the motherboard for my 8 drives and call it a day.

Pretty excited to get this thing built so that I can grab a separate transcoding machine and go to town.

Did you have to flash the onboard controller to IT mode?

I did not. There is a jumper on the board for the SAS connectors. I just ensured it was in the “on” position.

If I ever get a few minutes, I’m going to take a photo of the build and post the parts.

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