NK 5.0 build issues

I am having an issue with my build and I not sure if it is a configuration issue or a compatibility issue. This is what I have put together but I can’t figure out how to get the motherboard to recognize the SSD and the adaptec raid controller. Bios shows no drives other than the OS flash drive. Computer boots and I can get into unraid but there are no drives available. Does anyone have any ideas?

ASRock B85 PRO4
Intel Core i5-4670
16GB 2x8GB PC3-12800U
ASR-71605 Adaptec 16 Port
x2 10tb sas drives
Intel SSD PCIe 1.6TB

BIOS won’t show the hard drives as they are connected to the Adaptec.

Have you tried the 3.3v mod? That’s almost guaranteed to fix your problem!

Yes, I used tape to cover the pins on each hard drive. Part of my concern is that the computer does not recognize the Intel SSD either.

Can you share some pictures as to how everything is set up?

Top card is the Adaptec ASR-71605. Next one down is the Intel SSD and then last is a second NIC. I did update the BIOS to the newest version. I found a thread on Asrock’s forums about how to install windows on a PCIE SSD and my settings match theirs but I still dont see either pcie device.

Is it possible it’s a bad board? Did you check for bent pins in the socket?

Thats what I am thinking. I am trying to find some spare parts to test. Thanks for the help.

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Do you have a NVME drive installed on the motherboard? On some MBs that will deactivate a controller. Just a possibility.

No, NVME. Really, the only thing not listed was 16gb of ram so pretty bare.