NK 4.0 for file storage

I started putting the parts together for this based on information I picked up from the serverbuilds website. When the NK 4 guide was released it just happened to match the parts recommended in the build guide.


Ram - 4x Hynix HMT41GU7MFR8C-PB 8GB $139.00
PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3, 80 Plus Gold 850W $69.99
Case - Cooler Master N400 $64.99
Motherboard - Supermicro X9SCL-F $54.99
Processor - Xeon E3-1225v2 $36.00
CPU cooler - Arctic Freezer 33 $29.99
SSD - Silicon Power 256GB $28.99
Case Fans - 5 pack Acrtic F12 $26.99
PCIe HBA - LSI SAS9210-8i $25.00
SAS to SATA Cables - 2x Cable Matters SFF-8087 forward breakout $23.98
USB key - Kingston 16gb $4.99

Total - $504.91

4 x 8TB Shucked white label
1 x 8TB Red
2 x 6TB Red
1 x 4TB Red

I wouldn’t say the build went together without problems. I had some trouble with getting a working freenas usb to upgrade the bios to accept the v2 chip. And despite trying to follow the guide to flash the HBA to IT mode I still had to do quite a bit of googling to get it to do what I needed.

Currently, the NAS runs UNRAID and is only used for Plex media storage and running dockers for a second pi-hole and an openvpn server. I’ll most likely move plex and it’s associated programs when I replace the E3-1225 with a recently purchased E3-1270. Now that is done and sitting in a corner doing it’s job I’m feeling a little bored.


This is a VERY clean build! You should post some more glamour shots!

Thanks. It’s the only shot I have right now at work. I’ll update with some others later.

Super clean build bro, i wish i knew about this case before i bought the nzxt h440, although it hold 12 drives

Thanks. This one holds 8 easy but with some brackets I can easily put two more in the 5.25 bays for 10.

Got some more pics of the Build…