NK 4.0 Build - Added a LSI 9211, drives failed

Followed the NK 4.0 build using the following components:

  • Intel DQ77mk
  • E3 1260L
  • 16gb ram
  • 500 gb SSD Cache
  • 8 tb Parity, 8 tb + 2 x 4 tb data

Everything ran great, so I added a 1050ti card I had unused into the PCI x16 slot to handle some transcoding for Plex.

With that being stable, I decided i wanted to add in a few more SSD’s I had laying around to play with some VM’s. Based on the guide, I picked up a SAS9211 LSI from eBay and the linked cables. Got it flashed and installed into the other available PCI slot, hooked up my hard drives to it and booted back up.

unRaid saw all of my drives, same order so I started the array back up. Around 8 hours in, my 8 tb data drive failed, got all kinds of warnings. Stopped the array to check the connections, and when I powered back up all of the drives were missing.

Freaked out a bit, powered down and switched everything back to the onboard SATA. Had to re-build the 8 tb after running smart checks on it, but everything else came back up fine.

Do you think I got a faulty card? Anything else I should look at to troubleshoot?

Thanks for your time guys

Is your power supply sufficient to handle all those additions?

I have a 550 watt bronze psu, should be more then adequate. I have my UPS plugged into the server, idles around 90 watts including my entire Unifi stack, FiOS ONT and Pi Hole pulling from it. I don’t think I have seen it go over 160-170 watts before.