Nice office to under the unfinished basement staircase: the shunned homelab

Nice office to under the unfinished basement staircase: the shunned homelab

When my kids became mobile, I lost my nice cushy home office with a couch and home theater to a childrens’ plaything repository. And so I migrated my work area to the least groomed part of the house; the unfinished basement.
I’m working on a DIY rack now, and eventually finishing an area down here with some walls/better lighting and sound isolation.

And upon discovering this massive dollar-suck of a community, the homelab has grown substantially. Thanks for that.

I started with the NSFW Anniversary build, became a build-complete, donator, and then a degenerate networking and virtualization student. I’ve shuffled some boxes around since.

A few livestreams, spreadsheets, builds later, i’m sitting on 2 inventec boards, one Unraid NAS into the case where the NSFW started its life, and one pfsense machine.
I have a ton of space left in the NAS - need to get back to recording/downloading. The first disk is saturated from my FreeNas to Unraid shift.

I meant to put some toes in this for you jdm; sorry.

7PESH2 became the FAT TWIN next to a LESS FAT TWIN front-facing pfsense cutie

DFI Boxes are in a 3 node cluster – probably need to redo this properly at some point.

Too many laptops; these are only the few that i keep charged for demos.

Can’t forget the shining boy of the group, the Prusa Mk3, not yet in his Lack enclosure.

NSFW Virtualization DC/CA/vCSA Horizon 7 VDI Gigabyte 7PESH2 2x E5-2680 128GB DDR3 (8x16GB) 64GB DDR3 (2x32GB) ----- 2x Kingston A400 960GB Nvidia Tesla P40 Unused: Nvidia GeForce 660 vSphere 6.7U2 PCIE 2x USB3 2x Arctic 33+ SanDisk UltraFit 64GB
Invetec Donator Special 1 NAS/Docker Inventec T2380103-Rev E3-1260L 24GB DDR3(3x8GB) 5x 10TB Shucked WD (White) 5x 8TB Shucked WD (3 Red, 2 White) 1x KingDian 240GB Cache ----- unraid 6.7 Arctic 33+ HP SAS Expander Dell Intel X520-T2 10GBE (need riser) SiliconPower 32GB USB
Invetec Donator Special 2 pfsense Inventec T2380103-Rev E3-1260L 8GB DDR3(1x8GB) ----- ----- ----- pfsense 2.4.4 Acrtic 33+ Dell Intel PRO/1000 VT Quad GBE
DFI Cluster vSAN Cluster vCSA/DC/CA HA DFI BE17X AMD RX-427BB 16GB DDR3 (2x8GB) ----- 3x ADATA SU635 960GB (1 each) 3x SUNBOW 120GB MSATA (1 each) ----- vSphere 6.7U2 3x Fractal 50mm 3x Fractal 40mm 3x SanDisk UltraFit 64GB
Main Workstation General Use/Gaming Asus Maximus VI GENE i7 4770K 32GB DDR3 1x 4TB WD Purple (PVR) 1x 3TB WD Green 16TB (2x8TB Red) WSD MyBook Duo 2x Seagate 600 240GB (striped) 1x Crucial M500 CT 480GB Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti OC Win 10 Pro Thermaltake Gravity i2 92mm
PiHole1 DNS/Adblocking Raspberry Pi 3B+ ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
=============Other============== ================== ===================== ============ ================== ================================= ============================= ======================== ============ =====================================
SuperMicro GBE 48+4 Managed Switch nSXT SSE-G2252 ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ 1x Fractal 40mm
TP-LINK GBE 16port Unmanaged switch Primary switch TL-SG1016 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
NETGEAR 8port Unmanaged Switch, 4xPoE () IP Cams GS308P ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Prusa i3 Mk3 w/ rPi 3B+ 3d Printing Raspberry Pi 3B+ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ Octoprint
Monoprice Mini Delta w/ rPi 2 3d Printing Raspberry Pi 2 ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ Octoprint -

This table hurts my head


This is jankier than I could have ever imagined. A+

How has it affected your power bill?

Hard to say - we have high power bills in the summer from AC. Need to pick up some Killawatts I think.