NFS file share: NAS/Plex/Transcoder/Portainer/pfsense


Looking for some guidance on making all my systems talk to each other. I’ve done a few posts with no luck [Official] HP ProDesk 400 G4 SFF Owner's Thread - #126 by Mr_Noah which I get it’s a large ask. I will try and simplify my nearly 4 week headache.


NAS: Unraid 36tb

  • Shares are set with NFS on and Private
  • /mnt/tv /mnt/download /mnt/movies …etc.
    HP 730: pfsense baremetal
  • currently single LAN with basic setup
  • SNORT/pfblockerng
    HP Prodesk 400 G4 #1: Ubuntu 20.04 - Portainer (radarr/sonarr/jackett/lidarr/transmission)
    HP Prodesk 400 G4 #2: Ubuntu 20.04 - Plex Media only

Prodesk #1 as Seeder/downloader
Unraid for storage
Prodesk #2 Plex transcoder
Pfsense for router/adblock/security

  1. Both Prodesks have the nfs’s mounted per the motherboard guide
    (Prodesk #1 and #2)
    image (Prodesk #1 and #2)
    image (tower is the NAS)

I believe (???) I am good from that standpoint. My issue is getting the dockers (portainer) in HP Prodesk #1 to see the nfs and to download to them.

All indexers and transmission are setup and tested in sonarr/radarr/etc.

I am not able to see or select a Root folder for downloading (my NFS)

I have tried adding Volumes in Portainer which I can see in Radarr, but can’t be selected

I am not sure what the destination path Transmission should have:
image (this is what it defaults)

Does anyone have any insights into what I am missing? Really would appreciate the help.

Thank you

Are you married to using those apps on Docker? @TacoQuest recently had a whole big issue getting it to work, and generally I recommend just running the native Plex app.

No not married to any of it. I just wasn’t sure how to use any of it without Portainer or unraid. Are you saying not to use Sonarr/Radarr/etc? Or just not to use them in my current setup? Said differently, how would I setup the seedbox/downloader?

appreciate the reply!

Sonarr/Radarr/NZB/Torrent should be on your NAS, not on the QuickSync box. Plex is the only thing that I recommend on the QS box.

You can follow along with the plex install and config here:

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