Nextcloud Back up

Hi everyone,

I do have an Unraid running with Nextcloud and I’m looking to have some sort of a local backup system since I have everything moved here. Ideally I want to have a local SSD that backsup if there is any change on a timely manner. I can have that connected to my Unraid or have it separate on a different system running in the house all the time. Would really appreciate if anyone can point me to a link to or a document.


Anyone can help me with backing up my Nextcloud?

Man rsync

Any instructions you can share? I want this to be plugged in to my server or other devices on the network and periodically backups the Nextcloud data.

Did you try typing man rsync into the terminal yet? It’ll give you a metric ton of options. Without more details any instructions will be perfunctory at best.

I did not! I thought you are suggesting to use Rsync but I wasn’t sure where to start. I will give that a try, thanks again

Yep. There’s a lot of good resources out there on how to use it. To go this lots of great examples with lots of different options.

The more details you provide the better will be able to help

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