Next step up from entry level prebuilt

Hi, first time post and a total noob here. I was wondering if a Dell T320 would be a reasonable choice for a tower prebuilt? It has more bays than the Dell T110 II recommended in the NAS Killer 4.0 thread (and hot swappable). Is there something I should be aware of, or a reason to avoid the T320?

I’m eagerly waiting for JDM to post his prebuilt options for the NAS Killer 5.0, but I have no idea what the price point will be for those. I prefer a tower form factor.



I didn’t realize there was a high demand for prebuilts on the NAS Killer 5.0, you should have asked!

I’ll work on that before and during this weekend.


LOL, no worries. I just started reading these forums earlier this month and thought the 5.0 thread was brand new, not realizing it was a year ago. Sorry for the belated nudge on the unfinished part.

My experience with tinkering with computer hardware so far does not go beyond upgrading ram and replacing the occasional hard drive with an ssd, so prebuilt is probably the way to go for me. This server actually is intended for my parents house eventually so we can do some offsite backups. If I can, I would like to get a tower server with 8(ish) bays or so since we would be sharing the storage space somewhat between two households. Also the hotswap is preferable to me since I am used to that with my own server and it would be convenient if I have to go over there and add or replace drives.

The used T320 caught my eye, but after looking into it a little more I see that it is a socket 1156 which puts it at NAS Killer 1.0 level… certainly very capable for our needs but I was wondering if there are better prebuilt options at a pricepoint that makes sense.