Newbe - Got 2 R210's (first gen), heaps of drives, not much ram

Hi all. First post. Be gentle. Didn’t know this forum existed. Looks pretty cool. Haven’t got a clue what to do.
Need a HomeRouter, NAS, Server etc. Want to have it ‘all’ running out of ‘the same box’. Except I don’t have much ‘horse power’.

My kit is: 2 x R210 (first gen). 2 x 24 port switches, one managed smart Cisco, the other an old 3Com, Have 24 port RJ45 ‘jack’ thing… (yes, I’m new at this). But all my stuff is 1U and looks ‘really cool’ sitting in my LackRack… except nothing is plugged in yet.

What I want is: a single solution Router / Firewall / small NAS to run out of one ‘box’ to manage my home network (dreams I know but I you have to dream).

I also have a couple of ‘capable raid cards’ both 3Ware, a 4LPML and a 2LPML so hardware raid is not a problem. Also have a couple of small SSD’s sitting around and about 24Gig of 2Gig dimm for the R210’s. Was chasing some 8Gig dimms but it’s just taking too long so think that ‘bid’ has fallen through. Have sata cables galor, 2 x 2 intel gigabit NICS (but no 4xGigabit nic).

Problem is the R210 only has 1 pcie. So I either use it for the raid card or for the extra NIC. What do I do? Or do I set up one router PFSense on one R210 and one NAS / server on the other R210…?

Questions for the ‘seasoned professional’… What can I do with the kit I have. I can upload photos for those that like network po*n.

What would ‘you’ do with the kit I’ve just listed.

Thank you.