New user in site to built NAS

Hi god mornig i newbite in forum, i want build whit this Mobo:


N100/CWWK N100/i3-N305 six-bay NAS monster board/4x 2.5G/6x SATA3.0/2x M.2 NVMe/115X radiator ITX board type motherboard – cwwk.

Rest components are:

-Case: Jonsbo N2

-Ram: DDR5 16 Gb

-Disk: nvm 512 Gb

-Disk: Raid 5 (3x 6 Tb Ironwolf )


In beginin i not will build virtual machines, only file server, babckup emby, vpn access and pihole only for 2 people.

What worries me is that there are people on forums who say that the CPU fan in this Mobo model always works at 100% and this makes it a problem because it makes the MOBO louder. They also comment on forums that this problem with the fan cannot be solved by adjusting its value in the Bios. This problem is now solved with a new version of the Bios, thirt parts software to fan control…?

Finally i want your opinions for performance, power eficiency and general benefits, better/cheaps components for my build and needs it are welcome.

I appreciatte any suggestion. Sorry for my basic enghish

Best regards

Hi and welcome to Serverbuids!

Those CWWK boards are cool. I have one of their fan-less 4 port 2.5Gps mini-pcs that I set up as a virtualized router running pihole and Plex on the side, it has worked great. I am interested in how their NAS boards perform.

That board should have plenty of performance to handle the use case you described and should even have quite good transcoding performance for Plex / Jellyfin. It probably will have more performance than a low spec NK 6 at a much lower power draw, although with far less expandability options.

The downside though is that those motherboards can be put together in sometimes non-standard ways and there isn’t going to be much in the way of support. Maybe the support situation is a little better if you speak Chinese.

Not sure if you are going to run into a problem controlling the fan with PWM, hopefully they sort it out with a BIOS update. Even if PWM doesn’t work you can get an adapter cable that steps down the voltage, the CPU has a TDP of only 6 watts so you might even be able to cool it passively.

If you have not already decided on an OS I would recommend checking out Unraid. It is a pretty great NAS OS although price-wise it is a little harder to swallow since they switched to a subscription model.

Thanks for you opinion. Do you think that with this mobo would have a great Nas built for my needs?

Best regards

it looks adorable, both the motherboard and the case.

What OS were you planning on running? there is a chance you can adjust the CPU fan via software if the BIOS doesn’t help. Alternately, replace the fan itself with something that is extremely low RPM even at max speed.

I have a different CWWK board, using it as a router. It’s nice. There was a couple of BIOS revisions to fix a few flakey things, and even then, there are a lot of confusing or non-implemented options in the BIOS. great for tinkering but confusing if you want plug and play.

the igPpu should (?) work with hardware transcoding so it might be a lowkey beast of an emby server.

my biggest concern is fitting things inside the case. Check carefully the dimensions of the board and also the PSU against what that little jonsbo case needs to work in.