New to this site, DIY NAS Help Please?

I need some help.

I’m looking to set up a homelab and I’m looking for the best hardware to use for my use case. I’m also looking for advice on how to set this up.

What I am wanting to run:
-TrueNAS Scale
-Home Assistant
-Some sort of self hosted cloud backup software for my important files
-Minecraft and possibly other games server (ie ARK or Conan Exiles)
-Possible pi-hole/Adguard

I already have a couple of these running already on some lower end hardware I have. Plex is on an old mini pc. Home assistant is on a raspberry pi 3b+. Both have tailscale installed.

I am considering used hardware but I’m not sure what to look for. Ideally I’d want at least the ability to run raid1 on my drives. I currently have one 8tb external drive connected to my plex installation.
I think I’d like a boot NVME drive too if possible. Might be able to use it for cache, I don’t know.

Networking wise, 1gb is all I have access to for now per which router I have. I’d love to have more in the future.

Budget wise, I’ll probably end up buying parts over a few months but I don’t really want to drop like $250 on a case unless I have no choice.
I found the 6.0 guide but I don’t know if this is the best way to go for what I want to do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anyone know a good cheap UPS that can be monitored with home assistant?

What do you have right now

I posted what I have it running on currently

The NK 6.0 guide is a good place to start for your stated requirements.

If you want to continue to use the 8 TB drive you have now I would recommend shucking the one you have now and getting between 1 and 3 more 8TB drives so you can run them in a raid z1 in True NAS Scale. Otherwise you will likely want to find 2 - 4 drives of the same size and keep your 8TB external for other uses.

I would also recommend getting and NVME drive, (2 if you want to set them up Raid 1) to use as a cache drive.

Don’t sweat the network, just go with the onboard 1Gbps on whatever motherboard you get and you can always drop in a 2.5Gbps card later.

Any case that fits in your space and has room for the number of hard drives you want should work.

Good luck with the new home server build and enjoy!

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