New to homelab - moe

i’m new to homelab/server. i have an old chenbro es34169 with an asrock e350m1 8gb ram and 4 2TB HDD in it.
i’m picking up a Dell T110 II up on Friday i get for cheap (i hope ~100€) but its equipped with the 6 bay 2.5" inner drive bay. Im trying to figure out, if i can just get the dell 3.5" caddys to transfer the drives or if i have to switch over to 2.5" drives…?
i’d apreciate any help from you. thanks in advance

ups…sorry for not introducing myself…loggin in from germany, thirty something, always been keen on computers and tinkering around. trying to get my head around homeserver/-lab stuff and mostlikely some selfhosted stuff.
my pc skills are all pretty much learning by doing and the mistakes on the way.

Hello Moe and welcome!

I think limiting your HDD options to 2.5" is going to be a bad idea. I know sometimes options are limited internationally, but I’d recommend trying to find a case/chassis that will fit your needs up front vs trying to adapt and retrofit an inadequate case.

It will fit the 3.5" drives but just 4 of those.
I still need to figure out where to put the system drive though…is it ok to just attach it to something with like double-sided tape or Velcro?
Another question: is 8gb of ram gonna be enough for a file server and maybe playing around with docker ?