New Server for small accounting and bookkeeping business

I own a small business. I have 5 employees in my company. We are a bookkeeping company. I am looking to create a server for my business. Should I build my own server or buy a new one like
I don’t have experience in building or assembling a server is it a difficult task?

The server you linked is a blade. It needs a larger chassis to run in and would not fit your needs.

You should build your own, as well as have a secure/encrypted cloud backup such as Backblaze B2.

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Like mentioned above, the linked device is a blade server that has to be installed into a larger chassis, so that wont work in your case.
It all depends on what you expect to host on the server. Do you want a quiet machine or does it matter? I’m a big fan of 2nd hand supermicro equipment, there are plenty of old 2U servers floating around out there - one of them should be able to meet your needs at a reasonable price. You’d likely get way older hardware than if you built, but you also wouldn’t have to think about building then. All about preference/performance/price.