New Server Build Suggestions?


I’m not so much of hardware guy. I was wondering if someone could suggest or share their build with me (pcpartpicker would be nice, not necessary) I’m looking to spend somewhere between $800 - $2000 (to include hard drives). My plan is to use unRAID as the core operating system. I’m on the road quite a bit, so I use OpenVPN (via Pfsense) to connect to my home network.

Some of my desired software requirements:

  • 3-4 Virtual Machines (like LInux, Windows 10)
  • 12 or so Docker Containers
  • 6-8 camera CCTV managed by zoneminder (VM or docker)
  • Emby Server
  • NAS
  • OS X Time Machine Backup
  • PBX system
  • Maybe some re-encoding capability via Handbrake

Some of my desired hardware Requirements:

  • 10 - 12 TB red hard drives
  • Mid to Full Tower Case
  • DVD/CDROM drive
  • 2-4 Gigabyte NIC card
  • intel processor with quicksync to help with Emby

I’m currently running the following hardware:

  • Synology DS 716+ with two 3TB drives (raid 1 configuration).
  • Old Sony Vaio laptop for testing unRAID and running a few docker containers
  • Pfsense currently running on a Netgate RCC-VE 2440

Lastly, I like having VM snapshots. So does it make sense to install a VM operating system (“Proxmox” onto my negate hardware) then reinstall Pfsense?

I really appreciate suggestions.


Welcome! Have you taken a look at the latest OTIS guide?
Let me know what you think about that, and I can provide feedback accordingly.

Thanks I will check it out. I’ll put something together using your guide and take some feedback. - Rodney