New Plex Build - 200+TB

Hi all,

Apologies is this is a redundant post, been looking around on the forums and a bit overwhelmed, there’s so much here!

I currently run my Plex server from a dedicated server based in Europe using Google Drive for my storage, but I’m really wanting to bring everything back in to my home. Obviously with Google being quite large I’ve amassed a pretty good collection and I’m hoping to keep most of it.

I’m willing to spend some decent money on this (because I know I’ll have to), but aside from the hard drives what would be the best build to move forward with? I’m likely going to be using a Synology NAS and was to support my friends and family streaking, with 4K being Direct Play only (pretty much everyone is able to Direct Play at this point).

Thanks in advance for your guidance! Been a while since I’ve built something and this should be a fun project for 2021.

I see no one ever responded to you. It’s been a bit of time but did you manage to get your server up and running?