New Guy Saying hello

Hello, I’m steve. (60) Been playing with hardware since the beginning.
I am an Overclocker systemviper @ HWBOT but have now
switched over to crunching. I should have my farm fully functional in hte next
few weeks with around 150 to 200 cores, socket 2001-3 .
I run with XtremeSystems.

Everything i run is win 10 and a standard router off the cable modem.

I will be converting most of my rigs to dual boot, Win 10 and Linux Mint.
plus I would love to build everything myself, i love hardware and hav e closets of older and some newer stuff…

But i also want to build a couple Ubuntu servers to start playing with security and monitoring.

So that is a quick note about me, I saw this from reddit and decided to stop in and sign up.
I look forward to learning about a lot of things and meeting some new people.

I am from CT.

Thanks and all the best in 2020

Welcome!! Be sure to stop by our Discord.

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Welcome to the forum!

If you’re just using a standard router, pick up a HP 290 and throw pfSense on it, it’ll be a huge improvement!

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Hi, I watched your video on pfSense and i liked it. I just want to understand more of what it does and if it gives me more control. Plus if it has firewall capabilities.

I’m coming at this as a Win fanboy but it’s time to grow more into systems where there is less bloat and exploits.

very excited

It gives you tons more control and likely better throughput then what you are on now. I came from and Edge Router X and the upgrade was 100% worth it. I also run mine on an HP290.

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thanks, i am glad to have found this place, i like adventures :slight_smile:


For pfSense tutorials I can’t recommend Lawrence Systems enough

I’ve been using pfSense for about 4 years now, started with a Pentium 4 system just to dink around with and have since had various other configurations. There is a little bit of a learning curve coming over from a consumer grade router/firewall but it’s not that bad once you’ve invested the time in it. The same can be said for pretty much anything Opensource.

My recommendation is to get you an older computer to play around with or learn about virtualbox and explore various opensource operating systems (as opposed to dual booting which can become a cluster). The install process is pretty much the same other than a few instances where you’ll need to be sure to choose the correct graphics card drivers…etc. Most of that anymore is pretty automatic.

Anyway welcome…

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thanks and hello :upside_down_face:

Crunching what?

right now WGC
Maping Cancer Markers

but we do a lot more during the year.