New Garage Rack

Finally getting the basics of my garage rack finished. Had to upgrade from an 10 (8+2sfp) port to a 18 (16+2sfp) port switch because I underestimated the ports I would need for cameras and the AP i added to the garage. Modeled and 3D Printed a lot of things. The cable combs are custom to fit the extra thicc jacketed and shielded cat6. Modeled the brackets to mount the bundles to the wall. Also modeled the AP swing out mount and the slack loop for the fiber. Fiber goes down and outside into conduit running along the wall where it goes to my living room switch and up to my 2nd floor where the new ubiquiti UXG router and US-16-XG switch reside. Ill post that rack eventually when i get everything together.


I love the UBNT AP mount, that’s awesome.


Thank you! I’ll post all the STLs in the 3D printing section of the forum sometime soon.

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Forget about the AP mount, the fiber spool is better!