New Dual proc build options - advice sought

Hi All,

At long last I’ve finally got some spare change and time enough to upgrade my ancient file server.

I’m wanting to be able to do some more self hosting, along with running more than one emby stream at higher quality and have a play with some home lab stuff. FYI I’m in Aus.
Here’s what I currently have in parts available:
32gb DDR3 1600 (4x8GB)
UnRAID + 8 drive array + 2 SATA SSDs for cache
Fractal Design Define R2 XL (modded to support XL-ATX as well as (E-)ATX) or possibly a Norco 4224

I plan to get source a capable PSU locally that can support dual CPU so that’s not an issue as well as coolers if needed.

For the main build I have a few possibilities based on my research:

Build Option 1: Individually sourced parts (Ebay/AliE) (~$230-310USD Shipped)
CPU: E5-2650v2 x2 (~$55USDea)
Option 1: Asus Z9PR-D12 w/ 1u passive heatsinks (~$120USD shipped)
Option 2: SuperMicro X9DRH-IF (~$199USD shipped)

Build Option 2: Ebay Combo 1 (~$270USD shipped)
CPU: E5-2650v2 x2 + Passive heatsinks
Mobo: Supermicro X9DRL-iF
RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB)

I suppose my questions are, since it’s been so long since I’ve done a server build I’m really out of practice:

  1. Would it be worth getting a graphics card to assist with the transcoding jobs or just leave it on the CPUs?
  2. Would it be worth going the ASUS over the SM (from either combo)? It has more RAM slots, more PCIe slots (including a x16 slot), and I can get a PIKE card to get another 8x SATA3 ports without using a PCIe slot for cheap.
  3. Is there anything obvious I’m forgetting?