New build is the i3-8300 enough?

I am replacing my Dell T320 with XEON 2450L processor it acts as a NAS currently running unraid. it also does a few network services albeit not good.

Here is the replacement I have in mind.

CPU: i3-8300
RAM: 64GB of ECC (I keep hearing ECC is not required but I do intend to host services that are on 24/7 is it still required?)
Mobo: X11SCA-F
Cache: Oracle F320 (already purchased can’t wait till it gets here.)
PSU: Something decent but not overkill.
OS: Unraid
HBA: Something that can handle 16 drives.
Case fans: 4 intake 2 exhaust. (Node 804 has dual chamber plan is to have lots ofgfggfrf54rdvcv6tgyycvc6rt air movement and low RPM fans)
I have a host of disks I will be migrating over but I do plan on getting some refurb drives.

I also am tempted at trying PLEX out on this but I am also expecting to run my own plex box separate to this for obvious reasons.

But will this be enough compute for several docker containers and playing around?
Its roughly the same in passmark but I feel my t320 is slow as fuck. ( I also have no cache drive NVME storage isn’t really a great option for this old chassis.)

Thoughts? input?


It would be hard to say for certain without getting into detail on everything you plan to run, but for what you have mentioned an i3-8300 should work great. Generally for anyone running a Plex media server / NAS / Homeserver an i3-8300 is plenty.

It will run Plex and trans-code like a champ without the need for an external QSV transcoding box.

ECC it isn’t required by any stretch, but since you are using the X11SCA-F motherboard anyway I say go for it.

Your new server should be significantly more responsive than the one you are replacing although that will be because of the SSD cache more than anything else.

Enjoy the new build!

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Ok so plans changed spent all day pricing out used equipment.

With exchange rates to Canada. Decided to get new hardware.

$800 cad ($560 usd) got me 64gb of DDR4 non ecc.
12600k, b760 board, and a cooler.

I have a new PSU, my drives, and a used F320 coming just need a HBA and to order my case.

the CPU MOBO combo for the i3 8300 comes to $446 Canadian

12600K + MOBO I bought was $426 Canadian. So its newer, more powerful and cheaper. I got a Hyper 212 for $40 cad. and 64gb of non ecc ram for $260 cad.
(DDR 4 ecc ram is about the same price but lower speed)

So I give up ECC Ram, but overall this system is going to be a powerhouse.

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So the old CPU was probably fine.

New CPU more fine. Lol

I don’t run ECC either. My old board had it and the ECC log in bios was actually useful to locate some dimms that were fully faulty and causing crashes.

But no ECC is fine for home

You… probably just needed an SSD cache or something…

Agreed, however the T320 is up there in age its not as stable as I would like it.
its also fairly loud. It was time to consolidate and upgrade everything and I really wanted UHD 770 for QSV.

It should be mostly built this weekend.

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