Network Video Recorder build?

I’m looking at security camera setup, and it seems to me like a Network Video Recorder would be an interesting build. I am currently am running an Unraid server (NAS Killer 3.0), but I’m not sure if it makes sense to use that for storing video.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

A couple months ago I was going to build a box for my 4K cameras.

JDM suggested that I try a ProDesk 400 Mini instead. I’m glad he did because it runs 7 cameras using QuickSync with less than 50% CPU.

I plan to add more cameras. I run Blue Iris on the little box and it works great. I also use a cheap 32" 1080P monitor with it.

Here’ the JDM video where he tells us about these neat little boxes.

Excellent… I’ll take a look at these!

What did you use for storage?