Need help deciding correct motherboard 2.5gbe ethernet

I have another post about my first NAS that I am planning to build and then realized that maybe I should ask here if there is a major difference between all these sockets. LGA1150 seemed to be suitable for a NAS but I am also told LGA2011 is “just like” 1150 but newer (?)

So this leads me to a general question - is there a particular motherboard that is “better” suited for building a NAS. I do want a 2.5gbe networking and more SATA ports, but that’s about it.

I see LGA 2066, 1200 etc and have no idea what to choose from. Any help in pointing me to a particular model would be really helpful. And since I have no idea, pls do let me know if you feel “hey, gigabyte is better than ASRocks” or “buy this particular one”

I am completely shooting in the dark at the moment. Anything you folks tell me will be better than my current situation :slight_smile:

Thank you again