Need help adding unraid share to plex on HP 290

Been following the Hardware Transcoding guide and I’m stuck at:

3. Prepare Network Share Locations

4. Make the network drives mount on startup

On my unraid server ( I have a share called Media and inside the Share I have folders called TV Shows and Movies.

Would this be correct in the fstab? /mnt/TV Shows nfs defaults,noatime 0 0 /mnt/Movies nfs defaults,noatime 0 0
Should user be my user name or actually the word user?

I would recommend using the AutoFS guide that is on the forums. It can be found here:

Having a space in the name of the folder can cause odd behavior. I’ve found it works better with no spaces in the names. YMMV

You can use spaces, you just need to denote that in the path with a backslash to imply the space. Should be in the comments of that post I linked earlier.

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Thanks for the reply, I read through the guide and was intimidated. Is all that really necessary to just have Plex be able to connect to a networked drive? I had this working on my Synology nas for months. I followed the Hardware Transcoding guide and eventually figured out how to mount the drive with my media. Of course now I’m using a Unraid server which I realize changes things. I am able to connect to my shares using the Ubuntu file explorer. Sorry I really don’t understand Linux file system. =)

The complexity I think is more in the automatic mounting of the shares via NFS (so they dont have to be manually connected every reboot).

While that post is complex, it is stellar in terms of comprehension. I would give it a shot, and if you run into any issues, post back here on on discord, and someone can help you out.