Need case recommendation

Currently, I have a Supermicro rackmount server that, while it’s awesome, it’s taking up too much room. I’m looking to consolidate what I have and hopefully host from the closet in the room it’s located, just on the top shelf, out of the way.

I’ve been trying to find a 12 bay NAS Case. Basically, something with as small as a footprint as possible, and hopefully has hot swap drives. I’m fine with a mini-itx board/case. Or at least something to where I don’t have to open the case to replace a drive. Most I can find are cases with 8 bays. I’m pretty sure at this point, I’d need 2x cases and run a DAS as well but not sure where to start with that.

If a full tower would work for you, Fractal Define 7 XL and Meshify 2 XL both hold 18 HDDs and 5 SSDs. Not hotswap, but the drives are mounted on individual trays with a thumbscrew.

You’re looking for something not in a rackmount formfactor? I can’t imagine that would be cheap for something that would hold 12+ drives. Maybe go with a 8 drive and put the savings into larger drives?