Nas+quicksync first setup

Hey guys. It says this is a new account, but I’ve been following for a while, salivating at a chance to do a build.

Currently my Plex Server is ran on Nvidia Shield. I have 2 shuckable WD 10TB connected to it with a 512 external SSD. It is not ideal. In a month I will be moving to a new place where I will get 1000/1000 mbps fiber and more space. I would like to do a build, and per JDM post, I need a NAS and then a quicksync. I do intend on 4k streaming. I believe my ISP will handle everything but I would like the best way for hardware transcode, in the event I move somewhere in the future that my ISP can’t handle the upload. Yes, I will be purchasing more HDDs, with the bargain price at $125, I will probably buy at least 6 of them.

I share my server with my fiance’s family in Norway, and a friend here and there, but the majority of its use is at home. Budget wise, I have about 2k USD to spend. I’d rather not do that much but I would like the best I can get for the money to last a long time.

With that said, any suggestions for a NAS build, and also a transcode system with quicksync? Kinda would like to get pointed in the right direction. Thanks for any advice.

Hi, StelioKantos_US.

For NAS build the current sweet spots appear to be either the NAS Killer 4.1/4.2 or the SNAFU, depending on what hardware you find available when you go looking. It sounds to me like the NK4.1 is the better deal if you can find the hardware readily. Either one is going to provide plenty of horsepower for NAS + any of the *arr dockers.

Run a QSV transcoder on any inexpensive Intel box with a 6th generation or newer quicksync capable CPU. The current value deal for this is the HP Prodesk 400 G4, around $90. Do your 4k streaming only when direct, and this should meet your needs nicely. Transcoding 4k is not recommended.

Without new disks this should be doable for around a quarter of that budget, so spend what you like on storage after that.

NK 4.1: [Guide] NAS Killer 4.1 supplemental + deals
SNAFU: [Guide] Anniversary 2.0 "SNAFU" - Server Needs a Friggin' Upgrade
QSV Guide: [Guide] Hardware Transcoding: The JDM way! QuickSync and NVENC
HP G4 Owners Thread with links to the current seller: [Official] HP Prodesk 400 G4 SFF Owner's Thread

Hope this helps!