NAS/PLEX Build help

Hey guys, another NAS/PLEX Build looking for some assistance please :slight_smile:

I’m basing this build loosely off the NAS killer 4 and Threadrunner

-Needs to run Plex Media Server (would love to have 15K+ passmark)
-good amount of drive space (right now I have 4 WD Red 4TB drives in RAID5 + 1 OS drive looking to upgrade that to 2 SSD OS drives with RAID1. I already have the SSDs)
-need to be able to install a GUI to run filezilla and filebot for pulling movies from seedbox and renaming them for plex
-ability to add SATA controller for DAS in the future when I run out of drive space. I would be turning the Node 804 below into a DAS or NAS.

Current setup:
Fractal Design Node 804
AMD phenom II x4 BE 955
don’t know what MB but it’s old
~16 GB DDR2 ram
Hyper Evo v2 CPU cooler
2 120GB SSD (sandisk maybe? can’t remember)
Ubuntu Server v16 LTS

I’m very comfortable in Ubuntu server so I would like to use that for the new build unless you guys recommend OMV or something better for a better reason

New Build:
-Ubuntu server v18 LTS

-X9DRI-F+ Supermicro Xeon Dual Socket LGA2011 EATX Motherboard w/ Dual $168 -

-Can’t decide on a single Xeon E5-2680 V2 $98 or Dual E5-2620v2 $12 - I chose these because they’re easily upgradable to get to my goal of 15K+ passmark - both easily found on ebay

-32 GB DDR3 PC3-8500 ECC REG - 32GB 2x 16GB Dell PowerEdge T320 T420 T610 T620 Memory RAM DDR3 PC3-8500 ECC REG | eBay

anything cheap that can hold it all. This server is going to be in a server closet essentially so sound isn’t really an issue here neither is looks.

Looking for help if you guys think any of the parts above are not great or better can be found for cheaper, or if they aren’t compatible. I believe I did my homework correctly but there are definitely more experienced server admins on this forum :slight_smile:

I also wasn’t sure what CPU cooler or PSU to add. I’m looking to keep this pretty cheap with black friday around the corner I think I should be able to keep it under $400 ish… +/= $100 I guess lol

Thank you in advance!

Have you looked at this?

There’s no reason to base your build off of one of the legacy builds. Everything you need for LGA2011 is in that thread.

Thanks JDM! Noob question but I wasn’t sure why there’s a Not Safe For Work build lmao unless my head is just in the gutter… but I’ll take a look at it. Thanks again!

NSFW = Not Safe For Wallet
SNAFU = Sever Needs A Friggin’ Upgrade

Just names for fun. They don’t mean anything. :slight_smile:

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If you want a dual 2011 socket system and noise level is not an issue - just get a complete 2U rack server from ebay. It will be less expensive than anything you would be able to put together yourself. You should be able to get a brand name barebone (chassis, dual 80+ silver or better PSU, motherboard, both heatsinks, 12 LFF hotswappable drive bays) system for the price of your motherboard alone.

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I, for one, am extremely interested in seeing these 2U LFF 2011 barebones deals for $168.

how about $125 shipped?


That’s pretty damn good. The thing with that listing not including caddies is that from what I recall the Cisco drive caddies are pretty hard to come by and thus usually fairly expensive.

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This is my understanding as well.

If you combine it with a DAS however, it could be a really good deal!

Last time I bought a Cisco UCS chassis I just used some old and dirt cheap Intel (Chenbro?) disk trays with it. They did not fit perfectly but well enough. They only had a single LED though.

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I actually thought about going this route… I might end up doing that since I already have a nas box essentially. Thanks for all the help guys!

If you’re just looking to offload Plex, check this out: