Nas killer with WOL and RAID Controller?

Hey Guys. Total Hardware noob here. Im looking to replace my Fujitsu Primergy TX 300 S7 with an Nas Killer 4.0 Build. I can use the hardware from that machine for the new build, if possible.

I would like to use the following case:
Fractal Design Node 804

I would also like to have/do the following:

  • Running Windows or unraid with an Windows vm etc
  • quiet and power efficent since its not going to do tasks 24/7
  • running a Plex Server (transcoding is not important since i direct play everything)
  • Connection for 2SSD and 5HDD 3,5" currently (node 804 could fit 10 HDD i think)
  • RAID Controller (RAID 1 and 5) (2SSD in RAID 1 for the OS)
  • HDMI/VGA to connect to a monitor
  • Wake on LAN

Could someone pls point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.

Most hardware we use and recommend here has WOL, I can’t actually think of any that doesn’t have it.

Why hardware RAID? If you’re using Unraid, you want a LSI SAS HBA, not a HW RAID controller.

NAS Killer 4.0 is right up your alley, and pretty well documented.

Agreed about Unraid. You’ll use a parity drive for backup with Unraid and you can have Unraid balance your data across all drives as you being to define your shares.

Same goes backing up your VMs if that’s what you want.

Thanks for your reply.

Could i use any mTAX Board with the node 804 case and any 1155 Sockel CPU?

Not sure what i actually need/look out for.