NAS Killer v4 Complete! (2019)

Just finished up my first server, an NK 4.0 build. I’ll be using the server mostly just for general NAS purposes as well as backing up a bunch of devices. Software/OS is not completely decided on, but after some convincing from JDM, I think I’m going to try and fit an unRAID license into my budget.

Specs and Pricing:

Type Part Price (USD)
CPU Intel i5-3570s $35
CPU Cooler Thermaltake Gravity i2 $9
Motherboard Acer ECS Q77H2-AM $20*
RAM 16GB (4x4GB) UDIMM 1600 DDR3 $30*
Case Cooler Master CMP-350 (included 500w PSU) $80
Hard Drives 8x 2TB Seagate Constellation ST32000444SS SAS $110*
Case Fans 2x Arctic F12 + Noctua Fan Splitter $15*
SSD Kingston 120GB SSD $17
RAID Card LSI 9207-8i $40
SAS Cables 2x CableCreation SFF 8087 to 4x SFF 8482 Cables $22

*These items were negotiated/offers were made. Those are not the usual prices.

So this build mostly revolved around the hard drives, which I’m sure you noticed were an amazing deal, which I got from a seller on r/homelabsales. The reason I was able to get 16TB worth of drives for only $110 was that the these Seagate drives actually seem to have been made for an OEM system, either a Hitachi or NetApp AMS. This meant that they were formatted differently, and the seller thought that they were 4kn. This meant that I had to get a newer SAS2308 card, the reason why I got the 9207-8i instead of one of the usual ones.

However, it turned out that the drives actually just had a sector size of 520, so it was a very simple command to format them to 512. Unfortunately, one of the drives had a mechanical error of some sort, something the seller said might happen since he wasn’t able to test them (he thought they were 4kn and didn’t have a compatible card). Luckily, I’ve started a return and a replacement drive is on the way.

Despite this small setback, overall I really enjoyed this build. I definitely learned a lot, and the community was very helpful in solving the (thankfully few) problems I had.

Parts ready to be assembled

Inside of the case (Waiting to finish cable management when I get my last drive)

Finished build (side note: this case is great, and an awesome value with the included PSU)

All of the parts I used I’d definitely recommend and I’ve had no trouble with thems o far. If anyone is curious about sellers I used and what offers they accept, or if you have any other questions, just ask.