NAS Killer v3 Build Complete

Parts List
Chassis: Rosewill RSV-L4500 New $90
Motherboard: S5500HCV Used $20
CPU: L5630 x 2 Used $15
CPU Cooler: SNK-P0038P x 2 Used $33
RAM: 8GB PC3-10600 x 4 Used $46
Boot USB: S39 G2 32GB New $9
HDD: 1TB 2.5 WD Red x 11 Used $187
PSU: TX850 Used $37
SSD Cache: Kingston 480GB Used $37
HDD Parity: WD Red 2TB x 2 New $82
Fan 80mm: Arctic F8 5-Pack New $25
Fan 120mm: Arctic P12 5-Pack New $30
SAS - SATA: Mini SAS to 4 SATA x 2 New $15
SATA Cables: SATA 3 6-Pack New $11
SATA Power: 4-Splitter x 3 New $18
SATA 3 Card: Dell PERC H310 Used $24
2.5 - 3.5 Mount: Dual 2.5 Mount New $22
Thermal Paste: MX-4 New $8
Total: $709

Everything was bought in CAD though I converted it to USD for ease of access.

Well this build has been in progress since about the start of July and I can finally call it complete for now. I built this to mainly just serve as NAS and just to start learn Unraid and Dockers. Currently it stores just old family pictures and videos that used to sit on a plethora of hard drives around the house. Looking to branch out into plex and eventually build a separate hardware transcoding server.

Thanks to @JDM_WAAAT @Mthrboard @ALANMAN @seanho for helping me out whenever I asked questions on the discord.

Discord Name for Reference @Chrispy


Cable management is not bad! How are the temps on those L5630 under load with those passive coolers? Congrats on build complete!