NAS Killer V1 (2019) (Complete)

So this build is to replace my current FreeNAS machine. The old machine is made up of retired casino parts, and therefore is utter garbage.
It runs FreeNAS 11.2-U5, which is the current latest. And boy, that was fun to get running on it.

Specs and Prices

Case - Rosewill RSV-L4500 - $132.55
Motherboard - Supermicro X8SIL - $24.98
Processor - Intel Xeon X3470 - $19.95
RAM - Samsung PC3 8500R 4Rx8 8GBx2 - $29.98
Boot Drive - PNY Optima 240GB SSD - Pulled from spare parts
Storage Drives - Shucked 8TB WD Easystores x2 - $260
CPU Cooler - Thermaltake Gravity i2 - $15.99
Other Fans - Arctic F8 and F12 Value Packs - $49.98
SATA Cables - Monoprice 10pk - $17.48

TOTAL - $550.91

Overall, I’d say this was a fun thing to put together. Just remember to plug in your CPU power and it should work okay.
For those going for FreeNAS, there seems to be a problem with the Sandisk Cruzer flash drives. I had to install 11.1-U7 and then update to 11.2-U5. Not a big deal, just a little more time consuming. It also didn’t work when installed onto a Sandisk Cruzer, hence me throwing in an SSD to boot it.

Initial assembly. Note that I missed CPU power

I figured out the CPU power wasn’t plugged in here

Got mad with the flash drives, jammed an SSD in there

That tape mod is a pain, tape kept falling out. Decided to cut the wire. It works fine.

This actually works fine now. Updating it works out

Updated and with some of the storage space taken already from me putting movies in it.

And finally, when I first started copying things. Very slow. Very, very slow. I might want 10 gigabit networking at this point.


your network speed is too low for gigabit. Maybe your drive pool is too small to saturate, but I get 80 MB/sec over my gigabit network at a minimum.

I think I figured out what’s wrong. I’ve got orange and yellow on the motherboard. I’m thinking it is only going at 100mbps. Maybe a bad Cat5 cable?

So, after I got the network issues worked out, it still only goes at about 250mbps when transferring large files. I have no idea why, but screw it, good enough for government work.