NAS Killer 4.1 vs. 5.0

So I finally have my funds together to start putting together a NAS. I plan on running Unraid as the OS to run everything. The main purpose is to make a Plex server to host all my media. One other big task it will need to do is rip all of my current DVDs and Blu-ray disks. I have looked into a few different docker options supported by Unraid. I’m just wondering if the better bang for my buck is building either the 4.1 or the 5.0.

The current equipment that I have for the build is a Rosewill RSV-L4000U, a 750w power supply, and a Sun Oracle F80 for a cache pool.

I’m just looking for a little guidance on which would be the better option to go with. Also any suggestion on either an internal or external Blu-ray drive that can rip the disks. I also plan on adding a separate quick sync box latter to handle the plex transcoding and delivery of media.

Thanks in advanced.

That is a good question. I have parts for nask4 or nask5 and Ann2.0

I recently bought this internal drive to rip my blu-rays with MakeMKV and so far so good.

Also check out the ARM!