NAS Killer 4.1 Combo Build

Getting started on my first NAS Unraid build based on a variant of one of the 4.1 Combos. The main objective will be Plex media storage to be accessed by a HTPC and an Apple TV on the same network within my home. After a lot of reading and head scratching, I’ve decided to get started with the following:

Type Part Price
Combo Motherboard/CPU/RAM (Combo 4 • 16GB Option) $157.00 OBO ($150)
Case Fractal Design • Define 7 or other ATX? $189.37
Motherboard Tyan S5512WGM2NR Included
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Included
SAS Controller LSI SAS2008 onboard Included
CPU Cooler Arctic Freezer 12 $20.00 Ebay
SDD Pioneer APS-SL3N-480 $46.00
HDD 2 x WD 12TB Elements (Shuckables) $372.32 (Prime Day 2020)
PSU EVGA 400 N1 $39.99
Total ----- $817.68

Shoutout to @JDM_WAAAT for compiling all of these useful resources and for inspiring me to build something fun and potentially useful. I’ll keep a build log here as the parts roll in and will gladly take any advice on options as I go.


The Alpine 12 will not work with that motherboard. Look at the link below and look for heatsinks that have 115X backplate compatibility “YES”.

Thanks for catching that before I purchased! I guess I’ll opt for the Thermaltake Gravity i2 unless you have another suggestion. I was hoping to go with an Arctic Freezer option but they all seem to be going for north of $35 these days.

Hm, the i2 is OK but it’s a little loud.

Perhaps ask around on the discord and see if anyone has a spare arctic?

The first batch of hardware has arrived: 2 x WD Elements 12TB External drives, scored on Prime Day. Ready to be shucked.


Fully subscribed to this thread and watching for more updates!

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Shucking in progress.
Checked the drive out first with CrystalDiskInfo:


Also scored an Arctic Freezer 12 NOB on ebay for $20 today so now I get to wait for the packages to arrive.


More parts rolling in:

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FedEx driver wasn’t as excited as I was with the large heavy box today!

Well packaged!

What have I gotten myself into? :sweat_smile:

Not nearly as loud as I imagined on first boot up but a new case and some updated fans should definitely help.


I plugged in a monitor, keyboard, and ethernet cable and fired it up.

So far so good! The two WD drives showed up fine under the SATA menu so I didn’t have to deal with any 3.3v pin shenanigans, thankfully.

I plugged in a SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive into my HTPC and ran the Unraid USB Creator.

Once the Creator did its thing I popped the flash drive into one of the two ports on the motherboard.

After booting up again, I was prompted to install Unraid. From there I was able to unplug the monitor and keyboard and check out the Unraid dashboard from a web browser on my desktop machine.

This video was super helpful for getting through the initial setup:

Before assigning drives I decided to get sidetracked by Plugins:

And then finally get to the business of preclearing the drives:

It’s gonna take awhile…


Gotta be thorough. Hopefully done by tomorrow.

Ebay score. $20 NOB, which made me a little skeptical but I think I lucked out and it looks great.

Guess I’ll get find out when I get it installed, which won’t happen until I get around to actually buying a case.

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Temporary digs. Case is on the way.

Now that’s what I call progress!

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Even though I’m transferring all of this into a case I kinda want a rack now…