NAS Killer 4.0 - Unable to flash LSI 9201

I built my NAS 4.0 and am looking to expand it with an HBA. I got an LSI 9201-8i off of ebay and cannot figure out how to flash it into IT mode.

Mobo: Intel DQ77MK
CPU: i5 3570K

I followed JDM’s guide on how to flash and keep getting a PAL error when trying to use the sas2flsh commands. I don’t have any older hardware that I could use to flash the card (other computers if it becomes relevant are an HP 290, and a desktop with a z270 mobo and i7-7700k).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Seeing this old thread. I think this card is IT-mode only. so it should not need to be flashed. Are you seeing something to the contrary?

When I put it in my machine and plugged in drives, they did not show up. I then attempted to flash it and couldn’t do anything with it. At this point I’m thinking I will just resell it and buy one that is already flashed.

Odd. I have multiple of that specific card and have never had to flash. The cards are IT mode only. Are you seeing anything at boot that corresponds to the card?

I don’t specifically remember. After I tried in September I didn’t really touch it. I’ll try again and update this thread with pictures if it still isn’t working for me.

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