NAS Killer 4.0 parts are in!

Was out of town while ordering parts for my NK 4.0 build, just got back in and the picked up all my stuff! Photos and parts list are below. Huge thanks to everyone in the Discord for helping me out with the part selection.

Parts List:

CPU - i5-3570s
Motherboard - Acer ECS OEM
RAM - 4x4GB DDR3 UDIMM 1600mhz
Case - Cooler Master Elite 350 (with 500W PSU)
CPU Cooler - Thermaltake Gravity i2
Hard Drives - 8x2tb Seagate Constellation ES
Cables - SFF 8087 to 4x 8482
Fans - Arctic F12 Case fans


Unboxing all this was work…


Exciting! What are you looking to do for OS?

Well, my end goal is to use unraid but since I have 8 drives unfortunately I’m right on the line for needing the more expensive license, something I forgot to factor into my budget. So for now I’m thinking of going with FreeNAS (though I’m also exploring other options like SnapRaid + MergerFS) and then down the line upgrading to unraid when I get the chance.

Switching to unraid later from Freenas or another FS will be an expensive endeavor.
Bite the bullet and buy the unlimited license now, I’ll thank yourself later. If you have to cut corners on your build a bit, I still think it’s worth it.

Hm good to know. Maybe I will just get it, unfortunately can’t cut anymore corners now but I suppose for a lifetime license it should be worth it.

You don’t need to give in to fear!

You can do this, I got you. Here’s a blog I write to help you out. PIng me in the discord if you want more info. Migrating from Freenas (read ZFS) will be trickier down the road but you don’t need to buy unraid necessarily.