Nas Killer 4.0 in Australia (what I did)


First off, prices in here are AUD.

So I went through the Nas Killer 4.0 option in Australia – Australia is quite different market to the USA and the primary driver for that is due to at times astronomical shipping fees which are then compounded with AUD/USD exchange rates. In Australia, the instances of local organisations that are dismantling servers isn’t remotely the same scale to the USA, so turning to the Asian ebay market is a real requirement.

There are certain ways to make savings, but at the end of the day, I came to the realisation that cheap access to things like the Supermicro 300 bay server chassis is difficult at a reasonable price: Sometimes, buying new is the only option, and sometimes buying multiples (eg. 32gb of ram) for redundant parts is the smart option.

I was coming from an ageing 4bay qnap, and my primary goal was to have a cost effective means for multiple opportunities of future drive expansion, quiet fans, ECC memory and redundancy of parts.

Enter the Nas Killer 4.0 parts list, a locally sourced new PSU and Case, and a lot of additional purchasing.

More or less, if you buy from international sellers, there’s bugger all return policy as the return cost and lack of ever getting a response becomes a genuine factor.

Looking at the above list, obviously I had opted for some cost blowouts.

Motherboard (sourced from USA):
I purchased a single, brand new, X9-SCM-F mobo from ebay USA and it was DOA. This is effectively a write off of us$120. The cost to send back and have a return would have been absolutely cost prohibitive (mobo cost us$50, shipping was us$60, return us$60 etc) so I ended up purchasing 2 more used motherboards again with shipping of us$70 for about $100 usd (or combined totaly of just under aud$300). These worked. There’s a lot to be said for buying used parts.

CPU (sourced locally):
Sourced locally, but only because it was price + shipping competitive – remember that CPUs weigh nothing so purchasing from the Asian market was a real possibility. 8000 passmarks is enough to handle 5 plex streams and a few transcodes at the same time (plex isn’t always transcoding).

RAM (sourced from HK seller):
With the RAM I purchased used ECC 32gb - 32gb because there’s redundancy in having 4 sticks.

Case (sourced locally):
The Silverstone RM400 is the legitimate alternative to the Rosewill cases mentioned throughout this site.

HBA card (sourced from china Seller)
Just get one in IT mode. I got a Dell 310 because it was cheaper. I will be purchasing a second shortly.

PSU (sourced locally):
I went for silent under no load.

UPS (sourced locally):
On gumtree I picked up 2x entry level UPS for $40, one with a good battery. These batteries are au$70 to replace so there’s no real worries.

The rest are what I’d call “shitbits” which can be sourced from anywhere but I went with the recommendations on this site and used amazon.

Australian Amazon Prime members regularly have a “ship to Australia at no cost” option for USA parts, which is quite handy. For ~$10/mo inclusive of prime video, its worth becoming a member. I did see this for the rosewill cases at one point but had already purchased my Silverstone RM400 case.

Ebay Plus trials are 1 month long, so it may be worth investigating this if you’re buying parts on ebay as it can reduce the cost of shipping dramatically and you may find you can get a few 5-10% discounts here and there.

Also, as mentioned, take advantage of the make an offer option in ebay. I saved $10-20 here and there.

For the HDDs I’ve begun to slowly expand with WD 10tb drives from Amazon (and kapton tape). It works well.

Looking at the big picture, I now have a potentially 15 bay rackmount NAS that runs VMs for ~$1k , and I could have had it for $600 if the original motherboard worked and I went with the cheaper cooling and case options. I am running unraid, one vm for linux scripting, one for plex, and about 10 network monitoring and media related docker containers. This machine is 8500 passmarks and 32gb ram, a qnap (or other comparatively costed synology) wouldn’t even touch the sides with passmarks – around 2000 and 2gb. So it’s plenty capable.

If I didn’t stumble on this site a while back, I’d be far worse off :slight_smile:

Hope this helps people.




Nice build. I feel sorry for you with the big loss on the motherboards. Ah well, that’s behind you now!
I’m heading towards the end of my Anniversary 2.0 build and a little worried about things being DOA. I’m also from Australia so there’s not much that can be done if things go wrong like you experienced.
My motherboard cost $400 back in December and I wouldn’t even know if it powers on yet. I’m probably another month before I order the CPU and then there’ll be a wait for them to arrive.

Would love to see some photos of your build…

Apologies for not getting back to you, here’s a few pics - I have not yet bought my rack and my cable management is never going to happen :smiley:


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Looks great. How many fans do you have running?

Currently there’s two case fans + cpu fan. 120mm in, 80mm exhaust.

I am looking to upgrade the case with additional hdd caddy (right side) and additional 80mm fans at some point. The case can accomodate 5 case fans of sorts. Which is pretty good considering the mobo has 5 pwm outlets and the noctua fans come with double adaptors.

Hey mate do you mind sharing where you bought the movie? I can’t find anything remotely close in price.

You are correct - my prices it seems were the USD amount.

This is the seller I bought two off. Using a mail forwarder is going to cost roughly the same for shipping.

Thanks! Postage is crazy here :frowning:

Good info here, thanks. I’m looking at replacing my now dead Rackable Systems 12 bay unRaid system. It’s finally gone pop and I have already replaced the power supply twice.

I’m looking at the Coolmaster N400 case and shrinking the amount of drives in my array with larger capacity drives, I’m mostly on 3TB drives with a 4TB Parity Drive. So room to play there.

You’re so right about shipping costs in Aus, bonkers, I’m from the UK so it’s a bit of a shock to me how much this is gonna cost to replace.

I’ll update the thread with what I find.

10tb HDD $300:

Kapton tape $10:

If you have amazon prime (and why not?) then it’s free shipping. Each HDD requires approximately 1mm of kapton tape - so you only need one roll. Here’s a demo How to disable the 3.3v pin on Western Digital USB White Label Drives - YouTube

Can you tell me where you bought the RAM?

There’s seven modules left so here’s the seller:

Thanks for this. Trying to figure out what parts to get now. Love being an Aussie, but not when sourcing parts, haha.

I’m probably selling a few things like motherboards/cpu/ram combo in about two weeks.

I don’t think I’ll be selling the case or psu though.

I’d be interested if pricing is fair. I don’t need case/psu.

Thanks Nik…This list helped me a lot with my first NAS Killer build as a fellow Aussie.

I’m intending to build a FreeNAS / TrueNAS server to replace my at capacity HP MicroServer Gen8. The only major difference in my BOM has been for the storage devices and a 10Gb NIC.

I’ve ordered Seagate 10tb’s off Amazon to shuck and some Intel P3700 SSD’s from Ebay / China. The SSD’s are going to be used for the ZFS SLOG and as well as for a separate storage pool for VMs.

For the NIC I’ve gone with a ConnectX-2 SFP+ as I’ve had good success with them previously.

Thanks again for sharing your BOM.