Good morning all,

Like most I have a lot of data that has been collected over the years sitting on a couple different machines/platforms. One of which is a 10-year-old iMac that has been a paper weight for the past 2 years. I started looking at consolidating my data a few years ago but had no idea where to start. It was not long before I found something that would work. A co-worker had recommended a couple different systems much like synology offers however it seemed to me a pretty steep expense for what it was. After spending some time on Reddit, I found JDM’s subreddit, then the discord and started getting a better idea of what I could do. I had no idea all the capabilities of a NAS. I was just looking for a way to store my data safely and securely, and I quickly found you can do so much more.

I decided to go with an Unraid build based on recommendations of others in the group. I completed my build. I am currently sitting at 16 TB which should suit me fine for a little while but I can see how easy it is to get carried away when you have a bunch of storage to play with.

Build Complete:

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the build.

Congrats on the build! How are the group buy drives working out for you?

Thanks man, I appreciate it.
The drives are working out well. They are healthy and passed the Initial SMART tests and precleared successfully.
The group buy came around at a good time and saved me some money. The free 2.5” and controller were a great surprise.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out. And thank you for the services/information you and the others provide.
Have a great evening.

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Hi @TechLock,

first time user on the forums and came across your post. Interested me as I am looking to build my first Unraid server from scratch. My current one is a Gen 8 micro server that I just need more umph and HDD bays.

I saw the fans on Amazon UK (that is where I am based) and wondered what you thought of them please?

To start my build I only have a Fractal Design R5 case I got second hand. Having enough bays for me to expand as I need to add more drives.

Sorry for more questions… but what do you mean by JDM’s subreddit please and how do you go about getting a group buy? Is that just a US option?

Thanks in advance

Arctic P12 PWM PST are the ones I exclusively recommend.

great, I will track them as amazon prime day must be soon or black friday… no rush at the min to get everything at once.

Out of interest anything else you would recommend parts wise please? Probably not as simple as I think :slight_smile:

Hello @dustiebin, The fans are great. Very quiet and they seem to keep things pretty cool. I have the NODE 804 case with 5 fans and the CPU Cooler. CPU temp is 27C, board 33C, and drives stay between 40-50C depending on use. I would recommend them and will be using them in future builds. Between and the Discord there is a lot of great information and lots of really knowledgeable people. Feel free to post questions in the forums there is always someone around. Take a look at the builds and build lists to get an idea of parts to start hunting down.
JDMs subreddit -
The group buys -