Nas Killer 4.0 Build - No fans, no Bios

Hi everyone! I recently followed JDM’s NK4.0 guide to build out my first server. Here are my specs:

Motherboard: Intel DQ77MK
RAM: IBM Hynix PC3-12800U DDR3-1600
CPU: Xeon E3-1230v2
PSU: Thermaltake Smart 500W

I also have a bunch of other stuff, but it’s not connected at this point.

I’ve triple checked everything and I think it’s hooked up correctly (32pin and 4-pin, case to power pins, CPU installed correctly, etc). When I turn on the PSU, the standy light on the board goes on. However, when I press the power button on the case (or jump the power pins), the fans stay off and the system doesn’t boot to bios. I’ve also tried booting the system with 0, 1, 2 and all 4 sticks of RAM installed - same result. I also replaced the CMOS battery with a new (tested) 3V battery. The attached image is the connection between the case and the board, and 1 of 2 connections between the case and the PSU.

Am I in broken-motherboard world? The ebay listing claimed that it was tested and was able to boot to bios, but clearly it’s not doing so now. I’d love to hear other troubleshooting suggestions before I return/replace it. Would be super appreciative of any help, and would be more than happy to provide more pics.

if you have another power supply try it out. also make sure you have the correct 4 pin “cpu” plug going over to where it goes…it’s real easy to confuse some of them. It may appear as a 8 pin cable, if so…just slide in one side for four pins. Savvy

Because that’s what it sounds like to me in my unprofessional opinion.

2nd guess is it’s got some kind of short some where. Try it outside the case.