NAS Killer 1.0 v2019 Read/Write in Action vs. Synology 1515+

Synology 1515+ on the left, NAS Killer 1.0 v2019 on the right

Reposted from the subreddit.
Completed the NAS Killer 1.0 with the parts linked in the guide:

SuperMicro X8SIL
Xeon x3470
LSI 9210-8i SAS expander
WD 8Tb Red HDD x 5 + 2 (parity)
Silicon Power SSD 512Gb x2 (cache)
Kingston 16gb USB (flash)

I had some issues initially getting familiar with the BIOS and the quirks of the SuperMicro board, but once it’s dialed in, seems to be quite stable. Been running a couple weeks without issue.

For reference, the Synology is also filled with WD 8TB Red drives, both connected to same switch.

Thank you JDM_WAAAT, Felix and the other mods and members of this sub for the help along the way here and in the Discord. Really happy with how this turned out and the value of the build.


Thanks for putting this up. Great visual for people to see.

Curious, Are you leaving the 1515+ running or transferring data to the NK1?